Daidalos invests into next generation wind energy:
Airborne Wind Energy

Airborne Wind Energy is a radical new concept to produce wind energy with flying Wind Drones® instead of wind turbines.


Wind Power increases dramatically with altitude. Wind Drones reach the strong high altitude winds that are out of reach for wind turbines.


We invest in Airborne Wind Energy.

Here's why.

Drones will eventually be “as ubiquitous as pigeons”, London-based futurist Liam Young recently predicted. They are omnipresent already. Only 5 years ago drones belonged to the realm of the military, unaffordable for anyone else. Today, they are for hobbyists and even kids. Drones arrived in our lives and conquered the extreme ends of the market for technical goods. They proved to provide the best value for both, defense budgets and pocket money. Now the race is on to fill the gap in the middle: startups, corporates and analysts try to find the most promising commercial applications for drones.



Our philosophy at Daidalos Capital is to only invest in outstanding opportunities that we truly understand. This is why we invest in Airborne Wind Energy.

And only in Airborne Wind Energy.


Our Team of Experts

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