A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Alexander Pope

Our philosophy at Daidalos Capital is to only invest in outstanding opportunities that we truly understand. This is why we invest in Airborne Wind Energy.

And only in Airborne Wind Energy.

We believe that Airborne Wind Energy is the technology that will bring the digital disruption to the largest market of the world, the energy market.

Airborne Wind Energy has the potential to be for oil majors what Amazon was for book stores.

Our sole focus on the industry of Airborne Wind Energy from its very beginning has made Daidalos Capital the most successful investor in this field.

The Daidalos Capital Airborne Wind Energy Fund I has increased in value by 1,050% since its inception in December 2010.

The Investment Multiple is therefore 10.50 (TVPI, Total Value to Paid in Capital).

This translates into an IRR (Internal Rate of Return) of over 55% p.a.

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