Daidalos Capital AWE Fund I surpasses 1000% performance mark

Daidalos Capital announces that its Airborne Wind Energy Fund I has for the first time exceeded 1,000% increase in value.

The AWE Fund I, which was set up and conducted its first investments in November 2010, has multiplied in value by more than 10 times in the last six years based on the prices of the portfolio companies that were paid by third party investors in the latest rounds in 2017 (TVPI = Total Value Paid In). This translates into an investment performance of over 50% per year (IRR, Internal Rate of Return).

The AWE Fund I had no loss during this time. The lowest performing single investment of the fund has increased in value by more than 500%, the best investment by over 3,500% (investment multiple of over 35).

With this track record, Daidalos Capital is the most successful investor in Airborne Wind Energy globally.

Udo Zillmann, Founder and Managing Director of Daidalos Capital comments: “We are extremely pleased with the performance of our AWE Fund I. To us it proves that our 100% focus on Airborne Wind Energy is a successful investment philosophy.

Only a specialized investor can build up a very deep technical and market knowledge in Airborne Wind Energy. This special knowledge made the difference for the performance of our investments. We picked our portfolio companies at a very early stage. Now they are widely considered to be market leaders. And we were able to avoid all failures that the industry has seen in the past years.

More importantly, we should not forget that Airborne Wind Energy is still an industry in its infancy. We are only now beginning to see serious interest from energy companies. The public and investors that are not specialized have not discovered Airborne Wind Energy so far. As a result, current valuations are modest and successful Airborne Wind Energy companies have the potential for additional value increases by a factor of 10 and more.”


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